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Flood impact insights for Government Agencies

Build more resilient communities and prevent economic and financial loss with FloodMapp.

“This new technology could help us better prepare for any future flooding event”
~ Karen Andrews, Industry, Science and Technology Minister

Know the impact before, during and after a flood.

Increase public safety and resilience


Prevent damage to assets

Improved decision making

Better preparation and recovery outcomes using hyper local, real time information.

What's available now.

"Are we going to be affected, where and how?"

What's possible.

Population at risk is likely to be inundated in 10 hours.

"What can we do with the time we have?"

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The Cost Benefit Analysis

  •  Closer to zero lives lost from flood events.

  • Gained hours or days of proactive preparation and recovery for government and community assets.

  • Loss prevention through securing sites and assets such as utilities, commercial vehicles and sandbagging residential properties.

    Readily identifying at-risk communities for prioritised response to a street-level.


  • Efficient and reduced resourcing costs.

  • Effective and efficient response and public routes.

  • Rapid reporting of at risk communities, at risk assets and deep analytics before, during and after a flood event from the desktop. 

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Save lives and millions in economic and financial costs. 

Rapid and granular flood information for every stage of an event.

Have the best possible flood preparation, response and recovery plans using the best data.

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Asset 301 is likely to be inundated in 8 hours.

Washout along road expected in 4 hours

Population at risk in 2 days.

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Impact-based flood forecasts

Efficient route and logistics planning

Greater situational awareness

Immediate impact estimation