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Flood impact insights for Insurance and Reinsurance

Increase revenue with efficient claims handling, a stronger customer value proposition and precise reserve calculations.

"This type of real time modelling applies to many aspects of our business including loss prevention and predictive modelling to understand the exposure of our book."
~ Technology Manager, National Insurance Provider

Know the impact before, during and after a flood.

claims assessment

Loss prevention for commercial customers

Precise reserve

embargo zones

Better preparation and recovery outcomes using hyper local, real time information.

What's available now.

"Are we going to be affected, where and how?"

What's possible.

Policyholders in suburb 4011, 4051 likely to be inundated in 2 hours.

"What can we do with the time we have?"

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  •  Cost savings of 10-40x compared to current large-scale flood modelling.

  • Gained hours or days of foresight in terms of impact on customers and overall portfolio.

  • Assist commercial customers with loss prevention through asset-specific, block-level flood warnings.

  • Efficiently plan and execute for scale of claims resourcing and location of adjustors.

  • Communication with customers in the moments that matter

  • Identify block-level embargo zones to decrease risk and increase revenue opportunities.

  • Rapid damage exposure calculations to communicate to shareholders, regulators  and management.


Your Return on Investment

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Generate millions in operational efficiency. 

Rapid and granular flood information for every stage of an event.

Have the best possible flood preparation, response and recovery plans using the best data.

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Asset 301 is likely to be inundated in 8 hours.

Washout along road expected in 4 hours

Embargo zone triggered for suburbs 4011, 4051

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Impact-based flood forecasts

Efficient route and logistics planning

Greater situational awareness

Immediate impact estimation