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Accurately assess damage after flooding with FloodMapp PostCast

With FloodMapp PostCast you can quickly and confidently estimate flood damage after an event with immediate depth and extent flood insights.

While FloodMapp products can be used to forecast events and provide inundation mapping in real time, the powerful DASH modelling is also able to generate maps in the aftermath of flooding.

When the initial emergency situation is over, elected officials and emergency managers look for information on the impact of the flood - for example, how many people, properties and infrastructure was affected. This information is vital in informing recovery requirements including where to send assistance and how to access flood affected areas.

Unlike the alternative solutions to determine flood maximum inundation extent, FloodMapp PostCast utilises its robust, reliable, and accurate sources of data. Reliance on capabilities such as satellite imagery are subject to fickle external factors such as satellite availability and flight path, cloud cover visibility, weather conditions and gaining physical access for manual observation. These external factors frequently reduce the accuracy, reliability, and timelines of 'catching the peak'.

Access to PostCast gives disaster managers certainty that they will have immediate access to maps of maximum extent inundation, as it occurs. Getting a real-time heads-up of maximum flood extent gives you a critical head-start on vital relief and recovery actions and strategy.

FloodMapp’s modelling was used by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) whole-of-government portal during a flood event in 2021. The information provided QFES with useful information including evacuating people in the path of moving water.

Immediately following the emergency, the same portal used by QFES was able to be accessed by a different government department (Queensland Reconstruction Authority). Through this data sharing, the whole-of-government coordination effort was able to see a common operating picture and undertake rapid spatial analysis of exposure to people, property and infrastructure. This helped brief up the chain of command to the Premier of Queensland as well as informing decisions on the ground about how best to assist people caught in the affected areas.

Situational awareness in emergency situations is of paramount importance and can speed up recovery times. WIth FloodMapp PostCast, the Queensland Government was able effectively control the situation and ensure community safety.

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