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FloodMapp welcomes Mark Slauter

When Mark Slauter began his career, he worked at the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission (New Jersey, USA). Utilising the Federal Government Special Area Management Plan framework, he helped create a first-of-its-kind 20-year Master Plan that included a $1B environmental improvement program. This was a groundbreaking piece of work setting Mark on a trajectory of environmental management.

Moving to Virginia, USA in 1995 and picking up a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Commonwealth University, Mark has worked in a string of roles across the Virginia Coastal Management Program, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

Needless to say, when he said “yes!” to joining FloodMapp, the team were ecstatic to have such a highly qualified and experienced emergency manager and floodplain manager join the team.

Mark, too, is excited to join rapidly growing FloodMapp to help roll out the product in the USA, saying unique projects like FloodMapp are something he has sought out over his career.

“The biggest challenge facing emergency managers is access to actionable information. It is critical to have good information and data to support decision-making. FloodMapp provides a type of intelligence that exists in very few locations. Knowing what might happen, where and when - in real time - is a game changer,” said Mark.

“The recent hurricanes, flash flooding and flooding events happening in the north-eastern United States at the moment is quite shocking. What’s clear is that our climate is changing and severe weather events are becoming more common.

“FloodMapp can’t change the weather, but it can help our communities be better prepared for extreme weather events. I want to be part of this change and help get this product into the hands of as many emergency managers as possible. I certainly know if FloodMapp had been around during my career in the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, I would have used it!”

Mark will be based in Virginia where FloodMapp is currently rolling out its NowCast product in the Hampton Roads areas as part of the RISE Urban Resilience program.

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