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FloodMapp Wins the RISE Urban Mobility Resilience Challenge

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

RISE announced FloodMapp as the winner of the Urban Mobility Resilience Challenge. FloodMapp, a technology startup, will receive up to $300,000 in funding, business mentorship and support to demonstrate and commercialize a real-time flood prediction system which will provide drivers live traffic routing around flooded roads. FloodMapp will pilot its technology in the Hampton Roads region of Coastal Virginia, where RISE provides a real-world demonstration testbed for novel resilience solutions that help coastal communities adapt to flooding and sea level rise.

Current flood warnings and data are very broad, with no personalized or actionable insights on what roads may be closed due to flooding, or what assets may be impacted. As part of the Challenge with RISE, FloodMapp has developed integration for its real-time flood model, with live mapping platforms such as WAZE and Esri, enabling live traffic routing around flooded roads or location specific alerts. As the winner, FloodMapp will implement and run a real-world demonstration pilot in Hampton Roads in close coordination with cities and industry experts. Read more

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