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Meet Our Team: Tim Greenfield

Updated: Jan 10

Data science is one of the most in-demand industries around the world and for Data Science Manager, Tim Greenfield, joining FloodMapp as the next step in his career seemed like a worthwhile goal.

“I’ve spent my career working on systems that monitor and model the physical world. From voltage readings and demand forecasts through to 3D scans of equipment and the environment, I find dealing with software and data much more interesting when it relates to something tangible,” says Tim.

“For me, FloodMapp offered a great combination of new things to learn, awesome people to work with and a worthy purpose. The opportunity to work with them to help reduce the pain and damage from flooding, something that seems to happen all too often in Brisbane where our company is headquartered, seemed like the next step for me not only to learn, but to make a difference too,” says Tim.

While Tim is a newbie when it comes to flood engineering, he’s well versed in all things data and is a keen learner.

“I was fortunate to have some good mentoring early in my career that taught me the value of constant learning and self improvement. That's something I think has shaped both how I take on challenges and support those around me,” says Tim.

This love of learning is helping Tim learn about all the different types of data inputs used in hydrology forecasting, including their availability and limitations.

“We can’t make good forecasts of the future without a solid understanding of what we know about the past and present. This work is more than just interesting, it’s hugely important and will help us in building our technology. The scale and complexities of pushing such technology to its limits means there’s never a shortage of challenges to solve, and areas of discovery,” says Tim.

As Tim learns more in his new role, he might be heartened to listen to his own advice to his younger self: don't be afraid of failure; it's one of the best ways to learn about both the world and yourself.

Tim is Data Science Manager at FloodMapp, connect with him on LinkedIn

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