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Meet the Team: Carrie Wiley

“With climate change leading to more frequent and intense weather events, the need for innovative solutions to protect lives and property from widespread floods is more urgent than ever. Current flood warnings generally suffer from being overly broad and unreliable due to factors such as reliance on historical data, static maps, or a single point of reference. This situation poses significant risks to both people and critical infrastructure.”

Carrie Wiley - Strategic Account Executive

Strategic Account Executive Carrie Wiley is working to change this and has recently joined the team at FloodMapp to do so.

“Consider the heightened level of situational awareness and impact when emergency managers and asset owners know exactly when and where to trigger evacuations, mobilize resources to safeguard vulnerable assets, deploy rescue teams, and ensure the continuity of operations. FloodMapp is at the forefront and recognizes the power of real-time data-as-a-service, enabling a more proactive and adaptive approach to responding to flood-related events. The utilization of geospatial technology, machine learning, and cloud computing helps make this a reality,” Carrie said.

Based in San Diego, California, Carrie works alongside the Head of Sales to establish, grow and nurture FloodMapp’s customer network, particularly within government entities and critical infrastructure sectors.

But Carrie’s expertise extends far beyond sales.

“My career path has traversed civil engineering, geographical information systems (GIS) and business development. The common thread throughout my professional trajectory has been a passion for problem solving combined with an insatiable desire to learn,” Carrie said.

“My professional journey started in the field of civil engineering, where I had the privilege of working at a large municipal public works agency. This experience allowed me to gain diverse experience across various core disciplines and contribute meaningfully to the infrastructure and services, benefiting millions of individuals.

“During this time, I found myself naturally drawn to innovative technology, particularly GIS and digital mapping. I recognized the immense value these tools brought in understanding our environment and making informed decisions. This foundational knowledge has been instrumental in every subsequent role I’ve had throughout my career in both the public and private sectors.”

But it was a shift towards purpose that led Carrie to a role with FloodMapp.

“What initially attracted me to FloodMapp was my desire to work at a purpose-driven company where I could utilize my skills and experience to help make a significant, tangible impact. But what has truly solidified my commitment to FloodMapp for the long run is the company's exceptional culture, fulfilling nature of the work, and the strong sense of community,” Carrie said.

“My focus at FloodMapp lies in driving the widespread adoption and scalable growth of real-time flood intelligence - an emerging technology in climate adaptation that will help mitigate the consequences of widespread flooding events and reduce avoidable hardships. I’m excited to see how climate tech continues to transform, disrupt and expand the ways we tackle the world’s most challenging issues.

“As a creative problem-solver and systems thinker, my passion lies in resolving complex challenges through a data-driven approach. I am thrilled to contribute towards transforming the vision of FloodMapp into a reality as part of this next phase of growth.”

FloodMapp is very proud to have Carrie on the team, but as for what Carrie is proud of?

“It’s less about awards or special accolades - I’m most proud of the mindset of perseverance I have developed throughout my career. I have come to realize that success is a journey, not an overnight accomplishment, and I am grateful for the lessons I have learned along the way. In today's ever-changing and competitive landscape, the power to adapt and persist is a tremendous advantage – and will be a strong asset in the startup world,” Carrie said.

FloodMapp is thrilled to welcome Carrie as a Strategic Account Executive and a new addition to our growing North American cohort.

Connect with Carrie via or via LinkedIn.

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