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Meet the Team: Katie Prosser

“I have always had two interests in my life – art and people.

It became clear to me that no matter where we go, we come across art and so it fascinated me to understand how that could be used to relate to people and build relationships. I am always interested in understanding various people’s perspectives. I thoroughly enjoy being able to put myself in someone else’s shoes and imagine what their reality looks like and what their needs may be and then from there I can use my tools of design to connect with them.”

Katie Prosser is FloodMapp’s Graphic Designer and the founding member of the marketing team. Katie initially joined FloodMapp in 2022 as a Digital Marketing Specialist but has recently become the company’s lead on all things design. Katie landed at FloodMapp after studying sociology and then re-training in graphic communication – intertwining her love for people and art.

As a graphic designer, one of Katie’s proudest work achievements was the first magazine she published.

“At my first graphic design job after graduating, I was given a client who wanted a custom magazine which would be circulated around the entire city. As a recent graduate, it was so rewarding to be able to take on the task from start to finish and to be able to hold the final product in my hands,” Katie said.

Years after the milestone of designing her first magazine, Katie joined FloodMapp thanks to a discussion with Co-Founder and CEO Juliette Murphy. Juliette believed FloodMapp would be a perfect fit for Katie – giving her space to create art while working to help make a positive impact.

“My aspiration for coming to FloodMapp is to help market FloodMapp’s technology and build brand recognition for the company because this really is a tool that so many people need. I may not be able to code or understand the expansive science that goes into making our products, but I do understand the need for them,” Katie said.

“Working at FloodMapp is amazing because I get to work alongside people who are all extremely dedicated to the same goal – building a safer future. It is not just a line we say but something we live out on a daily basis.

“Joining FloodMapp was a no-brainer for me as I get to work on creative projects and build a brand from the ground up, knowing that it is providing a positive impact. I may not create cute instragram posts like some graphic designers, but I get to be a small part of something that is helping save lives and prevent damage which is much more fulfilling for me.”

In a tech company made up of software engineers, hydrologists and data scientists, Katie’s artistic flare is treasured as a rarity. However, Katie said the art of design is a science in itself.

“There a plenty of aspects to consider when putting together a design that go beyond the question of ‘does this look good?’ This can include medium, intention, colour and imagery,” Katie said.

“The medium is how the audience will interact with the design. For example, will this be a printed document that they can touch and read through over time or is this an online graphic that they will scroll past on their social media feed?

“Once the medium is established, I consider the intent behind the graphic. Are we trying to highlight statistics? Or provide our condolences for those impacted by flooding? The intent determines the mood which ultimately influences all the design choices being made for that graphic.

“A mood can easily be set by colours as they can evoke different feelings and emotions. Images also play a huge roll in design! They say an image is worth a thousand words and that can be very true.”

Though FloodMapp needs the “numbers people”, Katie knows the value of having someone that focuses on design and communication.

“Our product is the most important thing, and it is our incredible team of scientists and software developers who make it a reality. But it is the designers and communicators in the marketing team that help get the word out into the world and to help establish a trusted and engaging brand,” Katie said.

“No matter what industry you are in, consumers are always looking for more than just technical capability, they want communication and engagement to be clear and effective. ”

As for Katie’s superpower? It’s all about organization!

“I enjoy when everything has a place or a system so that I can streamline tasks and make everything as efficient as possible for both myself and the people I work with. For graphic designers, organization is key as we work with so many different files and it is so easy to lose things - so I take pride in my file management skills,” Katie said.

Katie is a Graphic Designer at FloodMapp. Connect via LinkedIn.

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