• Gladys Chua

My journey so far with FloodMapp

When I first came to know about FloodMapp, I knew I had to reach out to the founders Juliette Murphy and Ryan Prosser as they had a strong, relevant and compelling

company vision. Floods affect more people globally than any other type of natural hazard - just imagine the amount of damage we can avoid if we were aware of when and where floodwaters will be! FloodMapp’s technology is the game-changer. As a hands-on learner, I constantly seek out opportunities that allow me to interact with various stakeholders and work in different roles. With that lived experience, FloodMapp stood out to me as an all-star scaleup that has an immense potential to make a positive impact to society as the company seeks to address a very pressing existential problem. Gladys Chua - GIS Developer

1) There is always something to work on and improve.

Since I've joined FloodMapp, I've been tasked with a range of opportunities to contribute to the growing business in various ways, including website design, creating infographics, preparing reports, researching data sources, automating web scraping, database querying and ETL processes, and other data visualisation and quality assurance checks in GIS platforms. In my current role, I am focusing more on GIS developer tasks and some managerial duties. It is always interesting to work with new staff members and there is always something new to learn in such an innovative environment- more tests to be written and more bugs to be squashed!

2) Everyone takes initiative and ownership in their work.

The experience so far has been fulfilling as I've been given a handful of responsibilities where the founders have put their trust in me by giving me flexibility on how I approach and solve problems. For example, I had learnt a lot about the quality assurance steps that had evolved along the way with new features being rolled out and took the initiative to make a QA procedures manual that communicated the tools available to resolve outstanding issues. Since it was well-received, I was given the opportunity to train up new staff members as they joined. Everyone in the team is extremely motivating and well-versed in the art of “Getting-Things-Done”. I am proud to work alongside a knowledgeable team with a diverse range of cultural and lived experiences which made it exciting to gain a myriad of perspectives and see the cross-pollination of knowledge between domain experts.

3) There is mutual respect; well-being at work is prioritised.

The workplace culture at FloodMapp is hard to beat. Time is always set aside to celebrate birthdays, with BBQs, beach parties and plenty of adventure that comes with being outdoors in the sunny state of Queensland. The management team also makes a constant effort to check in on us to ensure that we are receiving the best support we can get. I've feel supported in my learning and professional development since the day I started. Concerns raised are always acknowledged and we see them as valuable learning opportunities so are never afraid to speak up. There is definitely a lot of work that we get through as a team each week but it never feels like a dull day at the FloodMapp office. We are also based at The Precinct in inner city Brisbane and tend to kick off the weekend together after work with a drink or dinner. It is great to be working with such a fun and dedicated team!

My time at FloodMapp has been invaluable and I thoroughly enjoy the challenging tasks we go through on a daily basis- I have learnt so much from taking the first step to working for FloodMapp and have not looked back since.

Gladys Chua - January 2021

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