Close White Oak Drive. Predicted inundation in 2 hours.

Rapid and hyperlocal flood
hazard navigation at scale.


Avoid hazards with FloodMapp RoadSafe

Efficient route and flood road closure planning using highly precise and real time flood insights

Trusted by cities, states,
and transportation managers.

Avoid flood hazards
in real-time.


  • Know at a block and community level where flood hazards are.

  • Automatic real time traffic routing based on flood hazard including extent and depth.

  • Have a succinct visualisation of roads and flood overlays.

Automated traffic routing & notifications.

  • Get rapid hourly updates in flood inundation extent changes.

  • Make hyper localised logistic and route decisions.

  • Automatic alerts for flood hazards based on predefined triggers.

All the information in one place.

  • Integrate with any spatial system
    to have a
    single source of truth 
    impact platform for asset, operations, 
    and emergency managers to analyse
    and interrogate.


  • Build a fully customisable dashboard
    with our software experts or integrate
    with an existing dashboard.


Big data inputs from trusted leaders.


Trained catchment hydraulic models


Trained hydrology machine learning models


Processed river systems


Know the impact and automate traffic decisions.

Improving safety for the community

Informed decision making

Hyper-localised updates at scale

Optimised response


The best flood information you will ever make traffic decisions with.