Improve Safety. Prevent Damage.

Our real-time, asset specific flood forecasting and mapping products help improve all phases of the emergency management process: before, during and after.

of annual flood damage is preventable

Using fit-for-purpose models and visual flood impact information, businesses can operationalise risk mitigation, enhance informed decision making and create greater situational awareness.

Flood innovation proudly supported by local, state and federal governments.

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Buy time. Make better decisions.

Know with confidence where and when flooding will occur with FloodMapp for each stage of a flood emergency.


Hourly refresh

Beaudesert community at risk of inundation in 4 hours

Asset 57 is at risk of inundation in 10 hours



Rapid and granular asset and community impact information before, during and after a flood event.

Impact-based flood forecasting

Efficient route and logistics planning

Greater situational awareness

Immediate impact estimation


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This new technology could help us better prepare for any future flooding event.
- Hon Karen Andrews MP, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology (2020) 

World-first flood information

FloodMapp products are powered by DASH, a ground breaking hydraulic model purpose-built to give emergency managers rapid and localised flood data they can depend on for decision making.

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How we compare to traditional flood models

Greater Cost Savings

DASH can scale across states without the expensive price-tag to protect all communities and assets.

Faster Run-time

Rapidly updating and dynamic flood information to power informed decisions.

Finer Granularity

Community and asset-level impact information to prevent losses instead of broad flood information.


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Be confident in the decisions made with our flood insights.

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