We Build Flood Resilience

As the climate continues to change it is expected the frequency and intensity of storms and floods will increase. Be prepared.


Be ready

Real-time, automated and personalised flood alerts, in your pocket - on your terms.

Stay aware

During a flood, things change fast. Whether you’re at home, work or on the road, we’ve got you covered.

Keep safe

Flooding takes lives and livelihoods in Australia every year. We empower Aussies to take action in times of crisis.

Real time flood data

Elegant and interactive rain and river data across Australia

We aggregate real time, modelled, and historical flood data, from an ever growing list of sources. This data allows us to produce a suite of live interactive maps, heat maps, reports, and alerts.
Data portal

Web, mobile, and API solutions

Floods affects everyone in different ways
Connect to our real time database however you want. We offer a spectrum of solutions, from personal apps, to enterprise level API integration. We cater for individuals, corporates and governments.

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We are currently rolling out trials across Australia. Let us know if you're interested or if you'd like to trial FloodMapp in your area.
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Who we are helping

Flood survivor

Anyone living in a flood plain

Rapid personalised warnings allow individuals to protect their families and valuables.

Flooded Homes
Insurance companies

Minimize claims and losses

15% of Australian addresses are at risk of floods. Cyclone Debbie caused over 72,000 home and contents claims.

Flooded Equipment
Mining Companies

Operational Planning

The largest economic impact caused from flooding is lost mining days resulting in lost production.

flooded shops

Help protect your small business clients

Businesses are vulnerable to losing irreplaceable data and stock without adequate warning.

We build great things with great people

Amanda Gearing

Amanda Gearing, Journalist Author Broadcaster

"Timely, specific and geographically relevant warnings of sudden creek and river rises to those in danger, is necessary to save lives during extreme weather events. FloodMapp is a much-needed innovation. "


Karin Pridgeon

"We've experienced flooding many times and we are so excited for this solution."

Nick Williams

Nick Williams, Co-founder Sempo

"FloodMapp is reinventing the way in which flood data and emergency warnings are communicated."

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