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FloodMapp's live data powers emergency management operations before, during and after a flood.

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FloodMapp's technology combines meteorological, gauge, sensor, and terrain data to deliver unrivalled situational awareness.

FloodMapp’s data feeds provide live intelligence that scales from street level to national views.

aerial imagery of flood inundated homes.

Operational intel. Hourly updates.

Every flood is different. FloodMapp's hydrology and hydraulics models are operationalized to deliver unrivalled, dynamic situational awareness.


Bypassing the delay, gaps, and expense of satellite imagery, static maps or on-the-ground reports, FloodMapp provides a live common operating picture to inform decision making and effective preparation, response and recovery.

Street level to National scale.

FloodMapp's models use actual and predicted rainfall, river and tidal gauge, and terrain data to deliver accurate flood inundation extent and depth data.


See exactly where, when, and to what depth flooding will occur. Understand the impact to specific communities, property and critical infrastructure to inform targeted actions. FloodMapp's data feeds provide live intelligence that is trusted from street level to national scale. to national views.

Real-time flood intelligence integrated into emergency operating centre
Emergency managers accessing real-time flood intelligence to make informed decision during flood event

Ready to deploy in your EOC

FloodMapp’s models are already built and trained on high-quality data and validated using an array of damage assessment and flood observation data.


Access immediate, accurate flood intelligence that is purpose-built for emergency management, so you can prevent damage and improve safety before, during and after a flood event.


FloodMapp delivers live data via API integrated into your GIS system for flexibility and reliability.


Prepare. Respond. Recover.


Live forecast up to seven days before an event. Plan evacuations and protect assets.


Real-time view of where the water is now. Coordinate response and take actions.


Max depth and inundation for rapid damage and faster recovery.

Integrate into any GIS platform

Leverage extent and depth layers in the GIS platform you already use, such as Esri ArcGIS online,or share a common operating picture in your current EOC dashboards.

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Servicing Critical


Common operating

picture at local,

state and federal



Analytics, route closures, and rapid



Prevent damage

and keep staff safe.



claims resourcing,


and client support.

“FloodMapp’s technology provides affordable, citywide situational awareness that current solutions, such as sensor networks alone, don’t offer.”

Kyle Spencer, Deputy Resilience Officer

- Kyle Spencer, Deputy Resilience Officer

City of Norfolk, VA

Esri IMGIS Conference 2022 Award Winner
Resilient Australia Award Winner
Tech For Good Climate Action Award Winner
Image by Harry Dona

We are passionate about building more resilient communities across the world.

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