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United by a vision to create a safer future.

FloodMapp is a technology company that specialises in rapid real-time flood forecasting and flood inundation mapping to provide greater warning time and situational awareness.

Our core mission is to build a safer future by saving lives and reducing the impacts of flooding. We want to see a world where no lives are lost in flood events and people always get home safe to their loved ones. In the face of a changing climate, we want to see more resilient, prepared and prosperous communities. Our vision is to become the most trusted provider of flood forecast and real-time mapping data across the world, enabling us to make a global impact. 

FloodMapp Founders
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Our Mission

Improve Safety.

Prevent Damage.

At FloodMapp, we are committed to providing our clients with the flood intelligence they need, when they need it, so that they can be better prepared before, during, and after a flood event. 

Core Values

Innovation for Growth

We are here to push boundaries and create meaningful change. We approach all problems with innovation. We foster collaborative commercial partnerships. We grow our business to grow our impact.

Integrity & Accountability

We are accountable and honest. Everything we do is tested by asking, will this create a safer future for those at risk, or impacted by flooding? We are reliable, hard workers. We take full ownership for our work and can be trusted to deliver. You can count on us.


Communication is at the core of what we do. With effective and visual communication, we are helping those impacted by flooding respond and mitigate risk to life or property. Communication should be inclusive and understood by everyone, always.

People & Empathy

The world's hardest problems require the best people. Our people are exceptional. The core mission at FloodMapp is to help people, by improving safety and preventing damage. We are approachable and compassionate. We treat our staff, partners and customers with respect and empathy.

Our Story


Juliette Murphy never set out to build a business. When starting to develop FloodMapp, it was a passion project. 

The impetus for FloodMapp came in 2011, when Juliette saw the catastrophic impact of flooding firsthand in Brisbane, Australia. Seeing a friend’s home inundated by floodwaters when she had no idea it was going to happen.

Two years later, Juliette moved to Calgary, Canada and it happened once again. Housing friends who had nowhere to go. The flood impacted them without warning.

After the floods in Brisbane and Calgary, Juliette found herself wishing there was more she could have done to help her friends.

That’s when FloodMapp started. She began developing FloodMapp because she wanted to reduce the impacts of flooding and keep people safe. Years later, she is proud to say that we're well on our way to being able to do that all across the world.

Our Partners

FloodMapp is proud to partner with like-minded corporations to unite in the mission to improve safety and prevent damage.

OGC Partnership
American Flood Coalition
Join Our Team!

FloodMapp has developed a world-first flood modelling technology, using big data, automation and machine learning to save lives and reduce the impacts of flooding. 

This is a great opportunity to become part of a fast-moving, venture-backed tech company solving real world problems on a global scale.

Do you want to help save lives from the impacts of climate change?

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Want to join the FloodMapp mission to create a safer future?

We're looking for talented and tenacious professionals who share our vision.

If you don't see an open role that interests you, email our careers team at with your cover letter and resume and tell us why you'd like to jour our mission.

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