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Learn more about FloodMapp's technology, how it can be used and the people we work with.

Story Maps

Story Maps

Dive into the dynamic world of live flood intelligence dashboards. In this immersive experience, we bring you real-time insights during flood events.

Our story maps leverage the power of Esri's ArcGIS platform to seamlessly integrate live data, providing a comprehensive view of flood conditions and impacts. 


Gain Insights.

Get an in-depth look into FloodMapp's technology through online webinars. Designed to show you how our models operate and how they can be implemented to help you better prepare, respond, and recover.



Building a Safe Future.

Check out our podcast where we chat with industry professionals about the struggles they have faced, the role technology plays, and innovative solutions.


Already a customer?

At FloodMapp, we're dedicated to your satisfaction. Need assistance? Our experienced staff are ready to help.


Submit a support request for tailored assistance with any issues or to share your feedback. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to resolving your concerns promptly.


Reach out today and let us assist you in ensuring a positive experience with FloodMapp.

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  • What is FloodMapp's point of difference?
    We offer a world-first model for scalable, real-time flood mapping. Our proprietary modelling software, DASH, delivers street level flood impact extents across whole states or countries. Where current flood warnings advise of the time and height of a predicted flood peak, our model will predict which specific properties or assets on a street will be impacted or show those that currently are or were previously impacted. FloodMapp’s products support all phases of the emergency management process, enabling situational awareness before, during and after a flood. We’re different because we understand that every flood is different and dynamic. We focus on modelling all phases of a flood event to answer the questions "Where is it going to flood, and what people, property and critical infrastructure will be impacted?”, "What is the extent of the flooding right now?" and "What was the maximum extent of the flood?" We bridge the gap in situational awareness by providing automatic updates of flood impact extent every hour, 24/7, as the flood event unfolds.
  • What locations do you provide coverage in?
    We have growing operational coverage in Australia and the United States, with new regions coming online each week. If you are interested in other areas of the world, please contact us to register your interest.
  • How accurate are your results?
    Our products are built for emergency managers and their peers, with a focus on modelling flood extents in real-time to provide round-the-clock situational awareness. We validate our models based on a variety of publicly and client-provided sources. A large-scale review showed FloodMapp models correctly identify up to 85% of inundated properties, when compared to state government damage assessment datasets. 
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