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Webinar  Keeping the Lights On
Keeping the Lights On!

Hear from Energy Queensland's, Andy Drazek on how real-time flood intelligence can help critical infrastructure agencies make crucial decisions during a flood event.

FloodMapp Webinar Hurricane response with realtime flood intelligence
Hurricane Response

Using Hurricane Harvey as a case study, learn how real-time flood intelligence can inform emergency response before, during, and after a hurricane. 

Group of people looking at flood results.
The Gift of Time

Learn how real-time flood intelligence is helping set a new standard for timely, precise response.

Safer Futures Podcast
Podcast Graphic23_Podcast Cover copy 11.png
The Relationship Between People and Natural Disasters

Author, environmental historian, heritage consultant and academic, Margaret Cook, discusses the relationship between people and natural disasters with FloodMapp Chief Customer Officer, Bruce Grady.

Podcast Graphic23_Podcast Cover copy 9.png
Current Challenges for Emergency Managers

Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security at Williamson County's Office of Emergency Management, Michael Shoe, discusses the current challenges managers are facing.

Podcast Graphic23_Podcast Cover copy 10.png
Inclusivity in Emergency Management, Part 2

Dawn Brantley - Acting Director, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) - dives into her passion for inclusivity in the emergency management space.

Story Maps
Story Map - Idalia.jpeg
Respond to Hurricane Idalia with Live Flood Maps

Hurricane Idalia made landfall on August 30, 2023, as a Category 3 storm on Florida’s Big Bend coast. FloodMapp's NowCast captured this flood extent in real-time to show the impact of floodwaters as Hurricane Idalia made landfall.

Enhance your Hurricane Response with Live Flood Mapping

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas in 2017, causing historic flooding. Follow us as we model the flood inundation caused by this event and demonstrate how you can use a live, interactive dashboard to have complete situational awareness of the impact zone.

Screen Shot 2023-08-04 at 1.59.43 PM.png
FloodMapp Assists Vermont with Flooding Response and Recovery

The northeastern US experienced intense rainfall in July 2023, read here how FloodMapp assisted key agencies and to see an interactive live feed of the current river heights in Montpelier and Barre, Vermont, compared to the full extend at the peak of the flood event.

Story Maps
Product Flyers

Learn how we can help your agency answer the question "where is it going to flood tomorrow?"


See how we can help your agency know where it is flooding right now, to help accurately target evacuations and deploy resources.


Discovery how you can answer the question "what was impacted by the floods?" to help you fast track recovery and deploy relief efforts.

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