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Emergency Managers with Live Flood Mapping

Providing real-time data to allow for swift and strategic disaster response, ensuring the safety and resilience of communities.

High Resolution

Property-level insights. Street-level accuracy.

Rapid Results

Real time data. 

24/7, 365 days a year.


Integrates into existing GIS platform

National Coverage

Scales to city, state, or federal coverage


Get the information you need to be prepared for the next flood


Predict impact to people and assets, plan targeted alerts, evacuations, and deployment of resources, and proactively protect assets.


Visualize the current extent and impact of the flood to inform dynamic decision making and targeted response as the situation evolves. Coordinate swiftwater rescue crews, road closures and traffic routing.


Maximum flood extent and depth model enables instant preliminary damage assessments to inform public assistance grant applications, and fast-track community recovery.

Trusted by Industry Experts

FloodMapp works with a variety of industries in Australia and the United States united by our desire to improve safety and prevent damage.

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The best flood information you will ever make decisions with, delivered via the tools you use today.

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