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We are passionate about building a safer future

To build a world-first model,
you need a world-class team.


Juliette is a Professional Surface Water Engineer with over 12 years industry experience in flood modelling, hydrology and water resources engineering across Australia, North America and South East Asia.

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Juliette Murphy

Co-Founder & CEO

CPEng, BEng (Hons)


Ryan is a full stack developer with 9 years of experience designing, scoping and executing complex technical projects. Ryan leads the deployment of major technical flood model software across Australia and the United States.

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Ryan Prosser

Co-Founder & CTO

BSc (Hons)


Dan possesses a unique combination of deep technical skills in both flood engineering and full-stack software development. He is highly skilled in geospatial analysis, automation and development of geospatial software.

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Daniel Knott

Flood Engineering Lead



Rob is highly technical with a background in Data Science and Coastal Engineering. He has developed bespoke machine learning models to complement existing hydrology models that enables holistic, live autonomous flood forecasting services for our customers at scale.

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Robert Wall

Data Scientist

MDS, BEng, BEc


Andrew is a highly skilled senior software engineer with over 12 years of experience designing and creating enterprise-grade big data solutions. He specializes in back-end development and architecting performant, highly-scalable, event-based data pipelines.

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Andrew Wilson

Senior Software Engineer



Bruce is a highly experienced senior executive and leader across a range of industries. This experience is coupled with strong commercial acumen.


Bruce's has managed a substantial commercial enterprise with a complex debt and asset risk profile.

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Bruce Grady

Business Development Manager


Henry has 15 years experience in GIS, spatial analysis and application development, particularly in the natural resource management field. Henry's core technical expertise relates to the development and analysis of large scale spatial datasets, and communicating this understanding to people including subject matter experts and the general public.

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Henry Walshaw

Senior Software Engineer

Bruce E 2.jpg

Bruce has over 9 years of experience in the fields of hydrological and hydraulic modelling along with 10 years of GIS experience and using Python applications in GIS. He brings his vast experience and skills to FloodMapp by applying Python to the various tools used to create rapid flood extents.

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Bruce Eady

Flood Hydrology Developer

MSc, BSc (Hons), BSc


Ed is a chemical engineer by training and has completed a PhD using computational fluid dynamics approaches to model the growth of phototrophic bacteria for wastewater treatment applications. He has recently made the switch to flood modelling as a Data Engineer at FloodMapp.

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Ed Barry

Data Engineer

Ph.D., BEng (Hons)


Roger has worked as an interface between research and development for over 20 years. As a software engineer, data scientist and technology manager, he takes science outcomes through to delivery as software products. His experience spans the domains of audio signal processing, medical imaging, digital agriculture, energy management and now flood mitigation.

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Roger Butler

Senior Data Scientist

MSTM (Hons), BEng (Hons), BInfTech (Hons)


Carrie is a certified GISP with 15 years of experience managing, analyzing, and visualizing spatial data for critical infrastructure in both public and private sectors. She has a background in civil engineering and is passionate about empowering organizations with geospatial technology to help create more resilient communities.

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Carrie Wiley

Strategic Account Executive



Henry has been working with spatial data in a diverse range of industries for over a decade. With a background of managing spatial data and application development in the infrastructure, oceanography and archaeology industries, Henry brings a wealth of experience in programming with Python and spatial databases to FloodMapp.

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Henry Nichols

Senior GIS Developer

MGIT, BArch (Hons)

Jayben 2.jpg

Jayben is a Flood Engineer who holds a Masters degree in Civil Engineering Science. Jayben's core technical skill relates to flood modelling and floodplain management. 

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Jayben Zhang

Flood Engineer

MEng, BEng (Hons)


Katie is an experienced Graphic Designer with a background in visual communication, advertising, and brand design. She has worked with clients across various industries to help achieve their marketing goals through digital and print mediums, video marketing, and brand development.

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Katie Prosser

Graphic Designer


Nicole 2.jpg

Nicole is highly experienced in hydrologic/ hydraulic modelling and floodplain risk. Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge from previous experience in local government, disaster management, and consulting to assist in flood model development and review, flood operations and business development.

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Nicole Bichel

Principal Flood Engineer

BEng (Env), RPEQ


Tim Greenfield has significant experience in large scale data collection, analysis and visualisation systems of spatiotemporal data. He has experience in building and leading cross disciplinary teams including data scientists and software engineers within startups and innovation centres. 

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Tim Greenfield

Data Science Manager

BEng (Hons), BSc

Rachel J 2.jpg

Rachel started in the corporate leasing sector, beginning in reception & working her way up to manager. Rachel has managed three different offices with duties ranging from HR management, accounts to sales and marketing. Rachel joined FloodMapp with desire to work together to help build a safer future.

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Rachel Jackson

Office & Admin Manager


Owen is a generalist full stack software engineer and analyst who is comfortable working in software development and data science roles with interests in advanced data visualisation, machine learning, and real-time software. Owen likes following and communicating new software trends, tooling, and applications.

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Owen Lamont

Senior Software Engineer

Ph.D., BCS (Hons)


Vanessa is a seasoned administrative professional with over 14 years of experience providing strategic support to executives. As the Executive Assistant to FloodMapp CEO, Juliette Murphy, Vanessa brings experience working in several start-ups with a diverse career in sustainability and technology.

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Vanessa Drewlo

Executive Assistant


Ting is a surface water engineer with over 8 years’ experience, specialising in using computer-based modelling tools and GIS techniques to provide support for decision making for flood/river management and urban drainage networks design and management. 

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Ting Powell

Flood Engineer

BEng (Hons), LL. B

Juan 2.jpg

Juan is a Flood Engineer and Data Scientist, with over 10 years experience in research, consulting and startups. Juan brings knowledge in hydrological and flood modelling in urban and rural catchments in Australia, South America, Middle East and South-East Asia, and relevant data science skills to support the flood forecasting product in FloodMapp.

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Juan Ossa

Senior Flood Engineer

Ph.D., MSc, CPEng, BEng, RPEQ 


Kelsey is a water resources engineer with over 8 years of experience in research and industry, including over two years working on operational flood modeling for hazard & emergency management applications. She has a PhD in biological and agricultural engineering with a focus in water resources and floodplain management, GIS, and spatiotemporal pattern analysis. 

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Kelsey McDonough

Senior Flood Engineer

Ph.D., MSc, BSc 


Anne has over 16 years of experience in hydraulics and hydrology engineering along with GIS experience, working in the environmental services industry. Anne brings her expertise in complex hydraulics modelling, hydrology, catchment flood studies and floodplain risks to assist in flood model development and review.

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Anne Blondel

Senior Flood Engineer

MSc, MEng


Hunter is a hydrologist and holds a Masters degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. His experience includes applying machine learning to wastewater treatment technologies and modeling water resources systems using GIS. He brings his diverse experiences to build flood models that increase community resilience amidst a changing climate. 

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Hunter Johnson

Flood Engineer


Vanessa H_3

Vanessa has spent the last 15 years in leadership roles at growing geospatial startups. Her expertise includes revenue operations, legal and strategic planning, financial management, and business development. 

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Vanessa Hamer

Head of Operations


Hannah 2.jpg

Since starting her media career as a radio journalist, Hannah has worked for both state and local government, providing media and communication assistance through several significant natural disasters and emergencies in Queensland.

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Hannah Hamer

Communications Lead


Nicholas Read.jpg

Nick has completed a PhD in Statistics and Data Science where we worked on forecasting wildfire ignitions. Since then he has worked developing algorithms for LiDAR classification and GIS solutions. He joins the FloodMapp team where he works as a data scientist on the forecasting product.

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Nicholas Read

Senior Data Scientist

Ph.D., MSc, BSc

Rachael E 2.jpg

Rachael has over 25 years of experience in software engineering, working across a broad range of industries.Rachael’s DevOps experience provides a foundation of understanding on how to develop and maintain cost effective software systems which are safe, secure, and reliable which customers can depend on 24/7.

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Rachael Egan

DevOps Lead



Mitchell is a highly skilled GIS Solutions Specialist with over 17 years experience working in state government. He's been involved in response and recovery operations for several historic disasters across Queensland. Mitchell is the primary contact for customers when they are onboarded and provides technical support to the customers.

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Mitchell Damrow

GIS Specialist

Amir 1.jpg

Amir has over 15 years of experience in civil-hydraulic engineering working in a wide range of disciplines including water resources, hydraulic modelling, flood, machine learning and CFD modelling. He has acquired extensive experience working across both consultancy firms and academic bodies.

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Amir Dehghani

Senior Flood Engineer

Ph.D., MSc, BEng

Peter 2.jpg

Peter is a software engineer with more than 30 years experience across a variety of sectors. He is a highly experienced Python developer with strong problem solving skills. He also brings AWS cloud expertise and DevOps experience to the Floodmapp team

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Peter Fogarty

Senior Software Engineer

Jen 1.jpg


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Jennifer Sharp

Finance Lead



Rosie has a Bachelors in Mathematics (Honours) from the University of Queensland. Rosie wants to develop and make use of her skills to make a difference by solving real world problems. 

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Rosie Campbell

Data Analyst Graduate

BMath (Hons)

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