Buy extra time with FloodMapp Forecast

Minimise the impact of flooding on lives and assets with real time, granular predictive flood insights

Trusted by emergency, operations and asset managers.

Rapid and hyper local flood predictions at scale, days in advance.

Have more time to make better decisions in an emergency.

  • Extra lead time with hyper localised flood inundation extent predictions.

  • Get up to 10 days extra foresight for riverine flooding.

  • Perform detailed analytics to generate impact reports 

Have a holistic view of  what needs protecting.

  • Know down to a block-level what assets and communities are going to be impacted in the next few days or hours.

  • Use impact based forecasting to prioritise response resources. 

  • Have a succinct visualisation of asset and flood overlays to minimise inefficiency in pre-planning.

All the information in one place.

  • Integrate with any spatial system to have a source of truth impact platform for asset, operations and emergency managers to analyse and interrogate.

  • Build a fully customisable dashboard with our software experts or integrate with an existing dashboard.

Big data inputs from trusted leaders.

Trained catchment hydraulic models


Trained hydrology machine learning models


Processed river systems



The best flood forecast information you'll ever make decisions with.

Know the impact, not just the forecast.

Improving safety for the community

Informed decision making

Hyper localised predictions at scale

Loss prevention
and mitigation

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