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ForeCast answers the question:
"Where is it going to flood?"


A  live mapping feed of predicated flood inundation shows exactly what people, property and critical infrastructure are at risk of impact in advance of the flood peak.


ForeCast provides short-term flood extent and depth forecasts as an operational data feed that is updated in real-time as the flood event unfolds and is delivered direct to your geographic information system (GIS) environment. This high resolution, hyper-localized data makes enables planning, preparation and informed decision making in the moments that matter.  Deploy mitigation strategies, notify those most at risk and prioritize scarce resources.

FloodMapp's ForeCast

Use Cases.

Ensure clear egress routes to avoid staff or first responders from becoming trapped.

ForeCast the impact, not just flood height

With ForeCast, you can:

Plan your response ahead of time

Establish staging and operational locations in high risk areas

Pre-emptively deploy swiftwater rescue teams to vulnerable locations and citizens

Coordinate targeted and safe evacuation  for communities

Communicate using a common operating picture

Ensure clear egress routes to avoid first responders from becoming trapped

Make people aware when essential services will be impacted and then restored

Send localized and personalized alerts to communities most at risk

Deploy critical resources to people, property and critical infrastructure assets most at risk

Protect communities and assets with sandbags or rapid deployment dams

Deploy emergency response teams to assist the most vulnerable people and locations

Move emergency supplies and relief aid to staging areas to allow rapid response



Integration with GIS, mapping and dashboarding tools 


Specifications of FloodMapp Data as a Service (DaaS)



Inundation and depth updated hourly



As fine as 1m resolution

FloodMapp used in EOC to provide common operating picture

Create a Common Operating Picture 


The best flood information you will ever make decisions with, delivered via the tools you use today.


Beaudesert Floods 2021


In March 2021, a low-pressure system caused high intensity rainfall which resulted in major flooding in the Logan River. This put hundreds of residents, their homes and businesses at risk to of potential flooding.


Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) had received a major flood warning for river height between 8.30m and 14.76m. This uncertainty meant that QFES was unable to identify at-risk properties to plan evacuations.


FloodMapp ForeCast was ingested directly into QFES’ ArcGIS system, allowing for targeted evacuations and door knocking, hours before the flood hit. Read more here.

“What FloodMapp produced was really valuable and when matched with QFES mapping technology meant that disaster management agencies could immediately identify at risk properties. It also allowed us to print a list of properties and begin doorknocking in plenty of time to allow residents to prepare for the possible flood.”


- Senior Sergeant Mike House, Queensland Police Service


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