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Trusted by executives, operations and asset managers.

Rapid and hyper local flood inundation and depth insights at scale.

Immediate damage estimation.

  • Rapid damage exposure calculations to communicate to shareholders, regulators and management.

  • Optimising restoration efforts by identifying assets that require repair or replacement.

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Automated and rapid reporting.

  • Automatic reporting for ‘at risk’ assets and communities for different levels of inundation events.

  • Have a succinct visualisation of asset and flood overlays for financial estimates or resourcing.

All the information in one place.

  • Integrate with any spatial system to have a source of truth impact platform for asset, operations and emergency managers to analyse and interrogate.

  • Build a fully customisable dashboard with our software experts or integrate with an existing dashboard.


Big data inputs from trusted leaders.


Trained catchment hydraulic models


Trained hydrology machine learning models


Processed river systems



Know the aftermath with FloodMapp PostCast

Quickly and confidently estimate flood damage after an event with immediate depth and extent flood insights


The best flood reporting you'll ever make decisions with.

Know all the resulting impacts.

Informed decision making

Hyper localised impact reporting

Estimate financial impact