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FloodMapp named in 2021-2022 Humanitech Lab Cohort

Brisbane-based company FloodMapp will participate in the inaugural 2021-2022 Australian Red Cross Humanitech Lab innovation program. Humanitech is a think and do tank that explores how social innovation and emerging technologies can help meet humanitarian needs.

Alongside another five innovative Australian companies, FloodMapp will demonstrate its rapid, real-time flood inundation model in Australian emergency and disaster settings. The three-stage innovation process conducted by the Lab will see one of the six companies go through from validation to pilot to scaling up their technology in partnership with the Australian Red Cross.

FloodMapp CEO, Juliette Murphy said she was excited to be chosen to participate in this Lab. “We know we have a world-class, innovative, effective solution helping emergency managers around the world to better prepare and respond to flooding emergencies in real time,” said Juliette.

“Our flood model, powered by our purpose-built software DASH, creates inundation modelling 100,000 times faster than traditional modelling. That means we can respond in real time to events and emergencies as they happen. We can help emergency responders know where to go, how to get there, and what they may face when they arrive,” said Juliette.

Humanitech seeks to progress humanitarian and social outcomes through the use of new and emerging technology including machine learning and artificial intelligence, both of which are used in the DASH model created by FloodMapp.

“Humanitech places humanity at the centre and control of technology. We are working to harness the power of technology for good and know that emerging technologies can help us tackle some of the biggest challenges facing humanity,” Alastair Pryor, Head of Humanitech Lab

FloodMapp will work in the Humanitech Lab innovation program to validate and demonstrate its inundation maps across Queensland. The partnership with Humanitech will enable Floodmapp to work with the Australian Red Cross as well as local governments to provide access to FloodMapp products.

FloodMapp Business Development Manager Bruce Grady has enjoyed a long-career in government emergency management before joining FloodMapp. He says that local governments having access to real-time intelligence could be critical to keep communities better informed, safer and able to ensure key assets are protected.

“Providing the information needed to make the right decisions faster will have a tremendous and positive impact on how local governments respond in flooding emergencies,” said Bruce. “In addition, the Australian Red Cross has a unique role in managing Evacuation Centres and providing support services to the Community. FloodMapp data will support the planning and safe delivery of those services in the aftermath of the initial emergency.

“FloodMapp’s innovative flood intelligence will mean better response, sooner and greater collaboration and coordination between government and the Australian Red Cross. Using FloodMapp to keep local communities safe and sound really does place technology at the centre of humanity,” said Bruce.

The 2021-2022 Humanitech Lab will begin in December 2021 and run until August 2022.

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