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FloodMapp revolutionizes flood response in Texas, US

Updated: Sep 20

Flooding in Texas

FloodMapp has won a contract with Williamson County, Texas to provide world-first operational flood intelligence to enhance emergency preparation, response and recovery during flood events.

Located in central Texas, Williamson County is vulnerable to flooding disasters, and the associated damage, injury, and loss of life and property.

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell said the county is leading the way in innovative disaster response.

“This will help emergency responders and the public take appropriate action ahead of a flood event, support flood response activities and enable post-flood analysis to streamline community recovery,” said Judge Gravell.

FloodMapp CEO and Co-Founder Juliette Murphy said she believes the real-time flood intelligence will be a game-changer for the county’s operational response to flood events.

“It will enable localized situational awareness and a common operating picture which will support informed decision making, improved flood warning and enhanced emergency response,” Juliette said.

“This will ultimately help Williamson County reduce flood impact to people, property and critical infrastructure. Currently, no single system exists within the county to gather and display flood conditions during an event. So, this dynamic information will revolutionize the county’s response to flooding.”

The contract supplies the Williamson County’s Office of Emergency Management with FloodMapp’s ForeCast, NowCast, and PostCast products.

ForeCast shows the predicted extent and depth of a flood on a map which can help with targeted alerts and evacuations, proactive road closures, deployment of flood barriers and sandbags and targeted deployment of emergency personnel and resources.

NowCast is a dynamic, live mapping feed that shows the current extent and depth of a flood in real-time which provides up-to-date situational awareness and enhances safety by eliminating the need to deploy personnel to dangerous environments to confirm the flood extent.

PostCast is a map of the maximum flood extent after the water has begun to recede which supports targeted distribution of disaster relief funding and resources and support post-disaster grant funding applications, ultimately fast-tracking the recovery process.

“Our county’s emergency responders, employees, elected officials and appointed officials will use this operational flood modeling system to aid with localized situational awareness and inform decision making before, during, and after a flood event,” said Michael Shoe, director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security at Williamson County’s Office of Emergency Management.

Juliette Murphy said FloodMapp is thrilled to partner with Williamson County to build a safer future.

“I’d like to congratulate their team for prioritizing the safety of residents and their properties, assets and business, by investing in innovative solutions to large-scale problems,” Juliette said.

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