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Meet the Team: Amir Dehghani

The opportunity to be more innovative and to lean into his creative thinking side is what led Amir Dehghani to join FloodMapp. Amir’s scientific background and professional civil-hydraulic engineering experience has provided him exposure to a wide range of disciplines in water resources, hydraulic analysis, flood and CFD modelling. Over the course of his career, Amir has acquired extensive experience working across both consultancy firms and academic bodies.

Drawn by FloodMapp’s vision to create a safer future, Amir looked at what FloodMapp does and was keen to join a company where he could have a chance to enact real change and make a difference in the world.

“What FloodMapp does is different from other water related companies and flood modelling I’ve done in the past,” says Amir.

“One of my main work interests is in how we can use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in hydraulic and hydrology to develop rapid real-time flood modeling. Using AI to model real time flood maps can make a huge difference to how people respond to flooding,” says Amir.

Amir has developed a computationally hydrodynamic model for estimation of cross-sectional velocity distribution, rating curve and sediment loads in rivers and alluvial channels. He has performed numerical modelling for various river hydraulic studies and applied machine learning methods in solving hydrology and hydraulic problems. He has published works in refereed international journals regarding the use of soft computing techniques in hydrology and hydraulic studies.

“A lot of what we do is truly innovative and cutting edge, and I can see a future where FloodMapp could work more closely with universities on research projects.

“The impacts of climate change on extreme weather might be one of the greatest challenge we face today, and that’s why I’m here, to help be part of a solution and to ensure we have a better future ahead of us,” says Amir.

Amir is a Flood Engineer at FloodMapp. Find out more and connect with Amir here.

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