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Meet the Team: Hunter Johnson

Hunter Johnson, Flood Engineer

“As the already extreme impacts of flooding increase over the coming decades, communities will need better tools to understand what is happening before, during and after flood emergencies, to make high-stakes decisions,” Hunter Johnson said.

“Companies like FloodMapp, that are utilizing the increasing abundance of environmental data to create products custom tailored for current and future community needs, are essential to save human lives, minimize economic damage and disruption, and also create a sense of security.”

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Hunter Johnson has joined FloodMapp’s mission to build a safer future as a Flood Engineer.

Hunter’s role on the Flood Operations team is to engineer hydraulic and hydrologic models to help deliver FloodMapp’s products into the hands of emergency managers and critical infrastructure owners in the United States.

Hunter comes to FloodMapp having studied applied mathematics and environmental science as an undergraduate student before specializing in water resources engineering and hydrology as a master's student.

Most recently, Hunter worked as a consultant at a hydrology firm in San Francisco, California prior to joining FloodMapp in November 2022.

“I’m very interested in utilizing my background to help combat the negative effects of climate change in hopes to create a better future,” Hunter said.

“My passion to apply my engineering and environmental science backgrounds to help increase community resilience against climate change inspired me to work for FloodMapp.

“I hope to help build and deliver FloodMapp’s products to communities that could benefit from better flood intelligence data.

“I also hope to accelerate the rate that community leaders can acquire the best emergency flood data possible so they can make informed decisions to protect life and property before, during, and after flood emergencies.”

Since being at FloodMapp, Hunter has been instrumental in the product roll out in Williamson County, Texas, as part of our new partnership.

“I helped build and validate the PostCast and NowCast models in the County which was a difficult project with a lot of responsibility but also very rewarding to see our models performing with a high degree of fidelity,” Hunter said.

“I’m excited to continue working with the amazing folks at Williamson County to help improve their future emergency response efforts.”

Connect with Hunter via or via LinkedIn.

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