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FloodMapp on world stage at Esri User Conference 2021

Esri is a global leader in geographic information systems mapping (GIS) and creator of ArcGIS, a mapping and spatial analytics software tool used by a wide range of organisations around the world.

Each year, Esri hosts a global user conference which in 2021 took place in the middle of July. FloodMapp Co-Founder and CEO, Juliette Murphy was pleased to present a lightning talk during the conference, talking about “Real Time Flood Intelligence for Emergency Management”.

Juliette spoke about the importance of having the right warning systems in place to help prevent, and alleviate flooding. With the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicting a 60% chance of above average hurricane season this year in the United States, the time to change how we mitigate the impact of floods is more important than ever.

FloodMapp’s ForeCast, NowCast and PostCast products provide real time flood intelligence for improved situational awareness; helping emergency managers to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from floods . NowCast is also available on the Esri Marketplace to integrate into ArcGIS. By integrating FloodMapp’s products with an existing global platform, it is our hope that more people will be able to access our modelling and use it to be better prepared in the face of an emergency.

Watch the full talk below and learn more about how FloodMapp is helping to create a safer future.

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Mar 04

Everything turned out very cool! But I didn't like the video quality. I advise you to try changing your instrument. Try using Screen Capture. This is a simple, free and convenient tool that, in my opinion, will definitely improve the quality of your videos and make them even more enjoyable to watch.

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